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About Us

In 2008, when we first heard of the electronic cigarette, we were convinced that this product would change the future of smokers (and non-smokers).  We eagerly wanted to be part of this revolution so we opened our first Retail E-Cigg location. 

Currently it is estimated that 1 in 40 smokers are now using the e-cigarette as an alternative, that’s over 1,000,000 users and the number is growing at a phenomenal speed.

When we first started, e-liquid wasn't so simple to get. With the e-liquid coming from the East (mainly China), many people were somewhat concerned. We couldn’t be sure that the levels of nicotine and flavors were 100% precise and safe.

After testing hundreds of different manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, we finally found a company located in the USA which made an e-liquid that we believed, to be better than all the other suppliers. This means that we know exactly where the e-liquid ingredients come from and how every step of the e-liquid is produced.

For over two years we sold those liquids in our retail location as well as a wholesaler to many retail locations around the USA.

After years of experience and receiving feedback from hundreds of customers, we decided that we were ready for our new mission; creating a new line of outstanding premium, USA made e-liquids that all e-cig users can enjoy. All of our premium liquids are of exceptional quality, with pure USP grade ingredients and natural based flavorings sourced from the USA.

Each liquid comes in an elegant glass dropper bottle for precise, easy, and convenient dripping. MVP liquids have outstanding flavor, vapor production and amazing throat hit. We are proud to claim that My Vapor Planet supplies one of the best E-Liquids in the world.